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Is Your Cladding Fire Proof?

Is Your Cladding Fire Proof?

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We had a question about our New England Coloured Weatherboard Cladding

Question: Is your New England Cladding fire proof?

Answer: Absolutely yes, with a massive focus on the suitability of cladding for domestic dwellings, it is important to address the health and safety credentials of our weatherboard cladding, so it’s a good question.

We are committed to offering high quality home improvement products and with the New England Weatherboard cladding, there is no exception. This particular type of cladding is made from a cement and fibre composite that is fire proof.

From the manufacturers health and safety document “Fibre cement products are non-combustible or class “0” and compatible with all standard fire fighting measures.” which provides complete confidence in existing and future installations of this product.

Our weatherboard cladding solution also includes an layer of insulation that is inline with our aim to improve thermal efficiency. This product is fire retardent to BBA British Board Of Approval standards. Please read our safety statement regarding this product here – Insulation Safety Statement

As a responsible Home Improvements company health and safety standards of our installations are of the highest importance, all of our installations are bespoke for which we have qualified and experienced surveyors the perform a risk assessment as part of the surveying process to give our customers complete peace of mind.

Weatherboard cladding is very popular product and County Windows have installed hundreds of solutions since launching the product in November 2015. We hope this article provides reassurance to all of our customers that have chosen us to install weatherboard cladding and confidence to customers that choose us for their projects in the future.

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