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Double Glazing Recycling

Double Glazing Recycling

We just had our 6 month site waste summary / recycling report for our Double Glazing factory near Bournemouth Airport. Over 85% recycled amounting to 219.84 Tonnes that didn’t go into landfill. We are, of course, really pleased and proud to be recycling so much and taking sustainability seriously but while there is, 14.62% going to landfill there is more to be done.

We are certain that our customers really value good green credentials and will have peace of mind that with County Windows, waste from their projects won’t end up spoiling the country side like this.


Image Credit Bournemouth Echo

Commercial fly-tipping is a problem and is a heavy financial burden on local councils. It was good to read that the people responsible for this mess, on a Hampshire beauty spot, were found out – Read the report here.

There is environmental friendliness at the core of what we do, many of our products focus heavily on energy efficiency. From our Bi-Eco windows that perform as well as triple glazing, our weatherboard system that features additional insulation to energy efficient conservatory roof upgrades and high quality spray-foam roof insulation.

The latest product to be added to our portfolio is Resin Driveways. You may have heard of SuDS or Sustainable Urban Drainage System. Our Resin driveways are permeable, conforming to SuDS and maintaining natural drainage.

  • Resin Driveways

    Resin Driveways

    NEW! EvaDrive – Apple’s Stunning Resin Driveway Solutions

    Expertly laid by hand to create a smooth, non slip and seamless finish. Your new, beautiful resin driveway will be extremely durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

  • Double Glazing

    Double Glazing Apple Home Improvements

    Quality double glazing – Double glazed window styles and finishes to suit your home and budget.

    Our range of double glazing include Casement, Tilt & Turn, sash, and Bespoke windows.

  • Weatherboard Cladding

    Weatherboard Cladding

    Apple’s New England Coloured Weatherboard System

    Insulated weatherboard cladding delivers a stunning transformation of your home with a great range of colours.

    made from fibre concrete composite, extremely durable and low maintenance. Ideal for renovation, re-style or new build projects.

  • Replacement Conservatory Roof Solutions

    Glass Conservatory Roof Apple Home Improvements

    Our quality replacement conservatory roofs provide an upgrade to your existing conservatory that will enhance the look, feel and usability of your living space.

  • iFOAM Roof Insulation

    iFoam Roof Insulation

    Improve your home’s energy efficiency, protect your roof and solve leaks.

    extremely effective insulation manufactured to government specification, this BBA certified spray foam insulation is ideal for any loft space renovation.

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