County Windows New England Coloured Weatherboard System

Transform Your Home!

Our unique, high quality, insulated weatherboard cladding system creates a traditional yet stylish finish to your home.

Our weatherboard cladding system can be installed in conjunction with rendered and brick exteriors or to cover part or the entire property to stunning effect. The weatherboards are installed with a specialist breathable insulating membrane, improving the energy efficiency of your home, making the best use of the cavity between weatherboard cladding and exterior wall.

Weatherboard cladding is an excellent alternative to re-rendering exteriors, providing an easy, low maintenance solution.

Weatherboards are available in a range of factory applied colours, expertly fitted to create fresh and stylish new look to your home.

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Weatherboard Cladding

Images courtesy of Marley Eternit

    Benefits of County Window New England Weatherboard System

  • 3 Years 0% APR

  • Variety of Colours

  • Stylish Transformation

  • Very Low Maintenance

  • No Rotting or Pest Problems

  • Protects Against All Weather

  • No Warping

  • Insulated

  • Ideal For Renovation Projects

  • Installation Guarantee
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Weatherboard Colours

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Grey Green Weatherboard Cladding Grey Brown Weatherboard Cladding Grey Weatherboard Cladding Slate Grey Weatherboard Cladding
Beige Weatherboard Cladding Blue Grey Weatherboard Cladding Cream White Weatherboard Cladding Dark Grey Weatherboard Cladding
Apple New England Coloured Weatherboard Cladding

Images courtesy of Marley Eternit


The insulation that is part of our weatherboard cladding solution is specially developed to suit and enhance our weatherboard cladding installations.

Our insulation is fire retardant and fully waterproof, providing a draft-free weather-sealed solution that will improve to home’s energy efficiency

Weatherboard Insulation


Our Insulated Weatherboard Cladding system benefits from a 1 year Apple Installation Guarantee and a BBA Certificate that states ‘the product is durable and can be expected to have a service life well in excess of 30 years…

BBA Weatherboard


The New England coloured weatherboard system is made from a highly durable and long lasting fibre concrete composite that is not susceptible to pests or rotting and will not warp.


The weatherboard cladding system is installed to the ventilated rainscreen principle allowing air to flow from the base of the boards and through a minimum of 10mm gap left at the top of the weatherboard system. This produces airflow behind the weatherboards preventing any build-up of moisture.


The cladding has a traditional cedar wood effect for an authentic look. Boards are expertly cut to the required dimensions and the cladding edges, window and door recesses are neatly profiled with aluminium trim for a stylish finish.

Weatherboard Cladding Dimensions

Thickness – 10mm

Width – 190mm

Length – The cladding is 3600mm as the longest continual board.

Cederal Weatherboard Manufactured by Marley Eternit

Weatherboard Installation

The wall is prepared with fixed batons, typically 600mm apart to support the cladding. The exterior walls to be covered by the weatherboards are lined with fire retardant, waterproof insulation, providing additional energy efficiency.

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