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SupaLawn – Apple’s Premium Artificial Grass

Imagine no more mowing, weeding and seeding… A perfect lawn all year round!

Modern, quality artificial grass can bring your vision to life and provide a complete, practical solution with a clean, stunning, luxurious effect.

Artificial grass is becoming ever more popular with so many applications from easy maintenance lawn or all weather surface to hard wearing play and sports area.

If your reading this, chances are that you already have a vision for your artificial grass project, so get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team today for a consultation and free quote.

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How Artificial Grass Is Made

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    Benefits of Artificial Grass

  • Low Maintenance

  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Smart and Clean

  • Practical – Multi Purpose

  • Beautiful, Stunning, Stylish Effect

  • High Quality – Hard Wearing

  • Child Friendly

  • Pet Friendly
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SupaLawn - Apple's Premium Artificial Grass

Apple SupaLawn Artificial Grass
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The Highcliffe

An all purpose, light shade, artificial grass with a 30mm pile. The dense fibre arrangement provides a very realistic grass effect.

This artificial grass is ideal for garden ball sports, pets and landscaping larger areas.

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The Milford

Luscious with a deep 40mm pile, the Milford delivers a realistic artificial lawn thanks to it’s blend of innovative fibres.

This artificial grass is ideal for creating a realistic informal lawn.

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The Lymington

A high quality finish with a 35mm pile, the Lymington has a medium shade and the combination of straight and curled fibres result in a lush and hard wearing surface.

This artificial grass is ideal for both formal lawns and regular family use.

More Artificial Grass

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The Meadow

Meadow from Namgrass, a drak shade with curly fibres that provide an authentic grassy area look.

This variety of artificial grass is ideal for landscaping and natural looking lawns.

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The Eclipse

Eclipse from Namgrass, a natural look, light in colour and feels just like a well maintained lawn to walk on, with a satisfying light bounce under foot.

This variety of artificial grass is ideal for a well used family lawn.

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The Enigma

Enigma from Namgrass provides a luxurious lawn finish, the dark and lush look and feel is achieved through a mixture of advanced yarns that also provide high durability.

This variety of artificial grass is ideal for established or ornate gardens.

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Before & After Artificial Grass Installations

Artificial Grass Before
Artificial Grass After