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Orangeries All The Rage

Orangeries All The Rage

Why Are Orangeries becoming so popular?

It’s a good question, the orangery harks back to around the 18th century, a building reserved for housing citrus trees and exotic plants. Typically, orangeries were associated with larger residencies and regarded as a status symbol. In modern times the orangery is an alternative to a conservatory, offering a design of building more akin to an extension but with more windows and a lantern glass ceiling flooding the room with light. So, a more substantial building than a conservatory but not as big a project as an extension, could be one reason why orangeries are getting more popular.

Google Trends shows that more of us in the UK are searching for orangeries each year since 2010.

The versatility of an orangery is perhaps, the key driver behind the growing demand. As lifestyles change and families grow, additional multi-purpose space is a welcome addition to the home, a light airy home office by day and by night, a generation engaging with different devices at the same time in one household, well, the orangery is a perfect sanctuary away from the TV to read a good book, on a tablet of course.

The Modern Orangery – 5 Key Benefits

  1. Bespoke Design – Create a multi-purpose room that suit your requirements now and in the future.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Modern orangeries are fitted with A rated double glazing windows and the lantern roofs have eco glass that deflects heat back into the room but the outer pain reflects heat from the maintaining a comfortable temperature in the summer.
  3. Interior Design – Typically an orangery will have more wall space and some ceiling area providing the opportunity to be creative with lighting and decoration.
  4. Style – Your orangery can be matched to the style of your home with a choice of modern, contemporary or traditional designs that complement your property perfectly.
  5. Investment – As a more substantial building than a conservatory an orangery will typically add more value to your property for longer.

If you are planning to have an orangery installed or are not sure if a conservatory or orangery is the best solution for you, speak to County Windows today and our friendly experienced advisors can help get your project started – 0800 688 8832

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