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How To Stop Conservatory Condensation

How To Stop Conservatory Condensation

If you are fed up with wiping condensation from your conservatory windows, then this article is for you!

Why is there condensation?

Just so we are all on the same page; the condensation that forms on the inside of conservatory windows is a result of water vapour in the air, cooling as it comes into contact with cold windows, thus, turning into water (condensation). The amount of condensation you get in your conservatory is mainly effected by how much moisture is in the air, the temperature inside, the temperature of the glass and the level of ventilation throughout your home.

How do I stop conservatory condensation?

Totally stopping condensation would require taking all of the moisture out of the air, which is not practical, but there are a few things that can be done to reduce moisture in the air and control the temperature in your conservatory which will significantly reduce condensation.

    1. Buy or rent a dehumidifier – OK, this is the no nonsense, get it sorted approach that will work right away. If you are going down this root then it’s worth researching any dehumidifier you are considering. Does it have a timer? Does it have continuous drainage? How loud is it? But before you do anything read on and consider implementing some of these suggestions first.


    1. Improve Ventilation – Helping air to flow out of your home is really important, by doing this you will help remove much of the moist air that is present, having some windows open throughout your home when cooking, showering/bathing or airing washed clothes, will help tremendously, but opening a few windows now and again, as a matter of course, will certainly benefit your whole home when it comes to reducing condensation.


    1. Reduce water vapour in your conservatory – Remove plants in the winter, avoid airing clothes in the conservatory, if your kitchen leads into your conservatory close the door and use an extractor fan when cooking if possible. Also, check if you have trickle vents on your conservatory windows. When trickle vents are open they should collect any condensation trickle and funnel that away so it cannot evaporate into the air inside your conservatory again.


    1. Conservatory Heating – Maintaining a warm temperature with a little ventilation will reduce condensation. Some conservatories are fitted with electric heating systems which help to maintain a consistent temperature, see Apple’s Electric Heating Systems with sizes and solutions especially for conservatories.


  1. Insulation – For older glass roof conservatories, maintaining the temperature can be difficult. A replacement conservatory roof will improve insulation helping to maintain the conservatory temperature all year round as well as transforming the look and feel – Read more about Replacement Conservatory Roofs.
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