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How To Keep Your Conservatory Cool In Summer

How To Keep Your Conservatory Cool In Summer

There are some completely obvious ways that we can help keep rooms and conservatories cool when it’s hot in the summer.

Blinds – If you are going down this root shop around for fitted speciality conservatory blinds.

Air Conditioning – Depending on the type of course, air con can be noisy, you may need the doors and windows shut to get the full effect but it’s going to pump out cool air… Nice!

Fans – Some of the new blade-less fans are great but you can pick up some pretty powerful regular fans from stores like Maplins.

Ventilation – Doors and windows open, get a bit of a draught going.

Innovation – A bit of a Fan Hack, if your feeling arts and crafty you could try this fun way to get some cool air through your fan, you just need some plastic bottles, cable ties, something to punch holes and a bit of ice 🙂

Air Cooler

So that’s the quirky and obvious measures listed, but often it’s the type of roof that is causing extreme heat. Older conservatories with regular glass roofs will always be hot when the sun is beating down, especially if your conservatory is south facing.

So here’s how you really keep your conservatory cool in the summer!

Conservatory Upgrade

Installing a modern solid roof, with some eco windows allows for a design that avoids the greenhouse effect in your conservatory.

Replacing the roof on your old conservatory may well be the best home improvements project you ever do.

The main driver for replacing the roof may well be for better climate control in the summer but as part of the upgrade, the interior can be enhanced to provide a more stylish modern space and the thermal element of replacement conservatory roofs means that the room will be warmer in the winter, giving you use of your valuable space all year round.

Solid and Tiled conservatory roofs can also add style to the exterior look and feel of your conservatory, all in all, if you have an old conservatory that you can’t use all year round, then a conservatory upgrade is the solution for you!

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