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How Secure Is Your Front Door?

How Secure Is Your Front Door?

According to official statistics from the home office, 67% of burglars break in through the door. Fortunately door manufacturers have been working with the police for many years, developing doors with higher and higher security features.

A police security initiative called ‘Secured by Design’ provides directives and sets out security specifications. Doors that meet the security specifications are endorsed by the initiative, providing the consumer with assurance when choosing a new door.

What you should expect from a ‘Secured by Design’ front door :

  • Multi Point Lock including hook and deadbolts

  • A lock with an anti-drill, snap, bump and pick cylinder including a cylinder guard

  • PAS 24 security performance tested. The test includes assessment of the door set for effectiveness in resisting forced entry

  • Toughened safety glass

So, if your door is ‘Secured by Design’, then you can be assured that the design has been rigorously tested and intruders will find it very difficult to force entry without causing a lot of disturbance. If they are smart, they won’t even try.

Replacing an old door with one that has increased security not only gives you peace of mind but chances are, you can improve energy efficiency and lower the maintenance required, it’s also a great excuse to update the look and style.

County Windows have a stylish range of quality composite front doors, all ‘Secured by Design’ and A+ energy rated, take a look at our range – Apple Composite Front Doors

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