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Grant Thornton – Enterprise Insurance Letter Clarification

Grant Thornton – Enterprise Insurance Letter Clarification

Clarification Statement

Regarding a letter from Enterprise Insurance Company Plc’s liquidator dated 11th November 2016

Dear County Windows Customers.

If you have a DGCOS policy for your installation with us, you may have received a letter from the Liquidator of Enterprise Insurance Company Plc “Freddie White of Grant Thornton (Gibraltar) Limited”. Enterprise Insurance were the underwriter of the Deposit Protection and Insurance Backed Guarantee policies, They entered liquidation on 26th October 2016.

The liquidator is obligated to issue this standard notice to all policy holders and this is in no way connected to the solvency of your installation company.

For clarification, there is no need to take any action, County Windows are NOT entering liquidation and your DGCOS policy is not effected at this time.

Best Regards

The Management Team

County Windows

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