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Double Glazing Maintenance

Double Glazing Maintenance

Modern double glazing is a low maintenance product, with a little spot of cleaning now and again you can retain that new look sparkle for many years with little effort. There are some scenarios where keeping some of your windows clean is a little more difficult due to location, such as pollen stains or stubborn bird droppings… (Seagulls, come on… What is that?). Read on and discover how to approach the tougher grime as well as some handy maintenance hints and tips.

Keeping your windows clean

Just getting the obvious one in, right off the bat. Regular cleaning is going to help your windows stay bright and shiny for longer as we all know, however there are a couple of good practices that are worth following:

• Don’t use soap or washing up liquid to clean any part of your windows as this will affect the seals, if you use a window cleaning service opt for one that uses a pure water system.

• For windows and frames that are going to need a helping hand from a cleaning product to get rid of stubborn grime, then choose a product that is approved for UPVC and glass. An example of products especially designed for UPVC Frames is Astonsish UPVC Cream Cleaner and for glass, something like HG Window Cleaner.

• Always use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge.

• Avoid any product that is abrasive or acidic as either will cause harm to your windows and frames.

• Be safe, where there is a risk of falling, hiring a professional window cleaner is a good option.

• Don’t use high pressure washers or steam cleaners as they could damage seals.


Keeping your windows functional

Window MaintenanceSome of your windows will be used more often than others and may need a little more attention with keeping the friction stays clean and free of debris.

Friction stays are the common type of hinge used for modern windows. To keep those friction stays running smoothly for longer brush with a clean paint brush or vacuum clean the runners. There should be no need to lubricate. If over time a window runs too freely to open and close or too stiff, locate the screw on the friction pad and adjust accordingly.

If there are issues with metal on metal moving parts, you can apply a little silicone based or graphite lubricant. Never use oil.

Window Locks – if you dip or spray your window keys with silicone or graphite lubricant and push in and out and turn once or twice a year that will keep them in good working order.


Avoiding Dampness

CondensationDamp can cause issues with seals, hinges, frames and handles. As part of window maintenance and general good practice keep your home ventilated, especially when you first notice condensation. This should avoid any dampness issues in most cases. A quick rub down with a soft cloth and a bit of ventilation now and again should prevent any build-up of mould on your window seals and frame, this may need a bit more attention in the bathroom and kitchen.

Condensation is not a fault with your windows, it is a sign that there is too much moisture in the air which can cause problems around the home, not just your windows. If you have a persistent problem after frequent ventilation seek expert advice.

All in all, across the year you should not have to do too much to keep your windows looking great. Just a little upkeep now and again will go a long way!

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