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Do You Need To Treat Door And Window Locks?

Do You Need To Treat Door And Window Locks?

We had a great question via our ASK COUNTY WINDOWS service about the maintenance of door and window locks. Modern doors and windows are relatively low maintenance but with a little care now and again you can have a big impact on the longevity of your windows and doors extending their life and usability way beyond the guarantee.


Are we supposed to treat the locking mechanism Etc on your patio doors and windows and if so what do we use and how often?

Yes, but as low maintenance products, once a year would be good frequency. If usage and situation causes excessive debris or build-up of grime, then more frequently. It’s a great question because it is important to use the correct type of maintenance products and adopt a method that does not damage locks or expose them to corrosion.

Here are some windows and door lock maintenance tips:

 – DO NOT use water to clean inside the locking mechanism as this will have corrosive potential.

– Â Keep the exterior of the locking mechanism free of dirt and grime using a nonabrasive cloth, the cloth can be a little damp but wipe dry, again with a nonabrasive cloth.

– Avoid using detergent, no need for washing up liquid or anything of the sort, persevere with a nonabrasive damp cloth and wipe dry.

– To keep the interior of the locking mechanism well maintained, avoid taking anything apart. It’s recommended that you use white lithium grease, in spray can form a little can be spayed towards the keyhole and a little sprayed on the actual key and then insert into the lock a few times cleaning the key and re-applying a little white lithium grease spray each time.

White lithium grease can be purchased from stores like Halfords for around £5.99 for a 400ml can but shop around for smaller, cheaper cans.

A little care goes a long, long way.

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