Glass Conservatory Roof

Refresh and revolutionise your conservatory. A new ECO Glass conservatory roof will retain the heat in the winter and keep your conservatory cool in the summer so you can make the most of your space all year round.

Our Eco Glass conservatory roof delivers up to 80% solar heat rejection while retaining the light and airy feel that a glass roof conservatory provides. The Eco glass inner pane of the double glazed glass roof provides thermal insulation with specially coated low-e glass.

If you have an older conservatory with a glass or plastic roof, a new glass roof will not only look good but will help to reduce your energy bills and with self cleaning glass, reducing the amount of time you may spend maintaining your conservatory.



  • Quick Installation

  • Reduces Condensation

  • Self Cleaning Glass

  • Low Maintenance

  • Energy Saving

  • Reduces Noise

  • Warm In The Winter

  • Cool In The Summer
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Solar Control

Eco glass can be tinted blue or bronze depending on the position of the glass roof surface relative to the amount sun that it get’s.

A south facing conservatory roof may require a blue tint to achieve greater control with a higher percentage (80%) of solar heat rejection. Conservatories that are not south facing can opt for bronze tint that transmits more light but has less solar heat rejection (64%).

Eco Glass Conservatory Roof Apple Home Improvements

Thermal Insulation

The inside pane of our double glazed glass roof is coated to reflect heat back into your conservatory with a typical U value of 1.0, making your conservatory easier to keep warm during the colder months, reducing energy costs and allowing you to enjoy your space all year round.

Low e Glass Apple Home Improvements

Self Cleaning Glass

A special duel action coating utilises sunlight to break down organic material and natural dirt that may otherwise build up on the glass, then rain washes it away. During long dry spells or heavy soiling the active coating makes it easier to clean with a well directed hose pipe.

Heavy soiling may require soapy water but under normal conditions the glass self cleans with no maintenance required.

Self Cleaning Glass Apple Home Improvements

New Lease Of Life

Being able to feel comfortable in your conservatory space all year round with a new conservatory roof, reclaims the area of your house that can be the most versatile room.

Whether your conservatory changes from a storage space to dining area or from an abandoned room to a play area your whole household will benefit.

New Conservatory Roof Apple Home Improvements
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More Conservatory Roofs

  • Glass Conservatory Roof

    The Eco glass roof is ideal for creating the maximum light but reflecting the sun’s heat keeping the conservatory cooler in the summer. The Eco glass roof is also energy efficient keeping warmth generated by inside heating from escaping.

    Glass Conservatory Roof Apple Home Improvements
  • Solid Conservatory Roof

    Solid roofs with one or more glass panels create a modern feel to your conservatory space, with a bespoke design, configured to let just the right amount of light in and interior perimeter ceiling options, the solid conservatory roof is perfect for restoring your existing conservatory or adding contemporary style to your new conservatory.

    Solid Conservatory Roof Apple Home Improvements
  • Tiled Conservatory Roof

    Our quality lightweight tiled conservatory roof provides a stylish transformation to a conservatory space both inside and out. With expert design and installation your conservatory can be the new room you were looking for.

    solid Tiled Conservatory Roof Apple Home Improvements
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